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Aerial Yoga

What you need to know..

Aerial Yoga has amazing benefits for every body type, whether you are using it to defy gravity and build stamina, strength and courage, or the complete relaxing benefits of the fabric assisting you into deepening yoga poses, there are a few things you should know......

EAT LIGHT- As with any workout class, a little something in the belly is helpful but too much can send you packing.... in a typical Aerial class, we are upside down quite a bit. Please be cautious of your diet that day, as heavy foods can cause nausea during a class. In the event that you are a person that tends to get 'motion sickness', you may want to take something such as Dramamine for your first couple of classes. It is a common side effect.

SINUS AND EAR INFECTIONS, STAY HOME!- Stating the obvious, but inversions do not feel so great with sinuses that feel like they are going to explode.. Ear infections can cause dizziness on their own, let alone with the help of the silks.. Please forgo a class if you have any of these issues.

PROPER ATTIRE- a light, tight fitting long sleeve shirt is best for everyone . This protects your underarms and in turn protects our silks from deodorant smears and strange odors.... Long tight fitting yoga pants are also recommended so you can glide through the fabric easily. Shorts are NOT recommended. Jewelry is prohibited in the silks.

BRUISES? YES IT CAN HAPPEN-When attempting certain aerial poses, the pressure of the fabric can cause bruises in those specific areas. This side effect will diminish as the resilience of the skin and strength increase with each class.

IS THERE IS A WEIGHT LIMIT? - our expertly constructed beams and specialty equipment can hold over 2,000lbs per silk. So rest assured, this is for everyone. The level you choose for each pose is entirely up to you! Options are always given to keep everyone comfortable and moving in the silks.


  • Pregnancy
  • Glaucoma or detached retina
  • Recent Surgery
  • Heart Disease, High or Low blood Pressure
  • Easy onset Vertigo
  • Osteoporosis
  • Recent Concussion or Head Injury
  • Hiatal Hernia or Disc Herniation
  • Recent Stroke
  • Artificial or Re-Surfaced Hips
  • Botox within 24 hours of class


Now that the rules are out of the way, lets talk about why YOU should do aerial yoga....

Aside from just being plain FUN, these classes provide an array of benefits to any body type...beginners to fitness enthusiasts alike, there's something for everyone.

CHALLENGING- Aerial Yoga is constantly evolving...the tricks, flips, and drops are endless making this an ever learning experience not only for the client, but the instructor as well. We are constantly investing into learning new ways for moves to flow seamlessly and create the beautiful art that is aerial.

ENDURANCE- In our Aerial Classes, we work on conditioning. Incorporating plank sequences in with traditional power moves such as pull ups and crunches. Being elevated and using only your own body weight, provides safe and adequate resistance to get you strong QUICK! Many Aerial clients will tell you this is the strongest they have been since they were young, or for some, in their whole life!

FLEXIBILITY-We are constantly working on flexibility in every class. With the silk allowing extra give, you can really sink deep into those yoga poses and watch that flexibility increase dramatically. Assisting in the progression of traditional yoga poses and helping to align the body properly to perform the asana.

HEALTH BENEFITS- Not only are you gaining strength and flexibility, you are alleviating low back pain! Being inverted allows the spine to decompress. As we strengthen the muscles that line the spine, we are able to improve our posture, taking the pressure off the low back. Smarter?? Well maybe... we increase the blood flow to the neural connections helping with that memory.

Not to mention, not only do we feel amazing after releasing endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine just to name a few, we are also aiding in digestion, increasing blood circulation to the heart and helps with the day in day out balance that we require to function....... So what are you waiting for??

There's something for everyone.