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We are so glad you chose us to help you in your fitness journey! 
Here are a few tips and tricks to make your class amazing! 

Schedule your spot on mindbody online (link in class description tab)
     By reserving your spot, you are guaranteed a space. If you choose to show up to class unregistered, you will be able to attend if there is an open spot, but space is limited and tends to fill quickly. 

Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your class start time
     This is most important for new and ALL AERIAL students! Not to mention it is distracting to others if you arrive late. Being early will allow you to get acclimated to the studio and introduce yourself to the instructor.  If you are attending a HotYoga class, this extra time will allow you to get used to the heat!!

 Turn off your phone
 This is YOU time! 
It is very distracting, especially in yoga, for a phone to be lighting up and vibrating during class. 
Please silence your phone and leave it with your coat. 

 Sticky Socks
Though sticky socks are not required, they are very helpful in not only keeping your feet warm, but they assist in holding balance postures and help with traction
during a barre class. 
Sticky socks are recommended but not required for Bootybarre and SCULPT
 (for sale at each studio)

Talking during class
 Of course we encourage socializing before and after class, we love to see you enjoying your friends, BUT Please be courteous to other clients by keeping talking to a minimum while class is in session. This allows others to hear the instructor to ensure proper form and to stay on tempo! 

What to Bring
Your own yoga mat is recommended, as well as Water and a sweat towel! 
Nothing worse than being blinded by stinging sweat in your eyes! 

**No Jewelry
**Long Sleeves are recommended
**Long or crop pants, absolutely NO shorts
**Large meals are not recommended prior to an any class, especially Aerial