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1336 West Fourth St., Mansfield, OH 44906

(Directly next to North Central Golf Center)

10 Mill Rd, Bellville, OH44813
(In the SUBWAY Plaza)
The Butterfly House (MindBodyAlign)
20 N. Mulberry St.
Mansfield, Ohio (Downtown)
**Tuesdays YogaFlow at 12pm

1336 W. Fourth St. Mansfield, OHIO 44906
12 Main St Bellville Ohio
Registering is required as classes fill quickly!! 


You must PREPAY to register and no shows and late cancels will be charged $10

(Late Cancel is considered 8 hours or less notice)

Make sure you enable 'text notifications' and provide your cell number in the case of a class cancellation  or you have been moved from the waitlist







The first and ONLY Aerial Studio in Mansfield. In this class, your aerial instructor guides you through basic aerial sequences that increase strength, flexibility and confidence in the hammock. Aerial allows you to deepen stretches, hold inversions and build strength like never before.  No experience necessary for this beginner class. 


AerialYoga can almost feel like a dance in the air. In this class, Carrie will teach you how to flow from one move to the next, creating beautiful sequences that encourage grace and strength. There is a minimum of at least 3-5 beginner Aerial classes required before taking this class due to the pace.


Its the hottest barre workout in the world!! We start out this one hour calorie scorcher with a 5 minute warmup, followed by arm toning circuits using 3-4lb weights. We will then move over to the barre and work through a seamless flow of movements focusing on glutes, quads, hamstrings and more! Bootybarre also includes several cardio intervals to get that heart pumping! We finish up with abdominals and stretching leaving no muscle untouched!! All levels are welcome as modifications are given in every class!


Offered exclusively at EVOLVE by the areas only SCULPT certified instructor, Carrie Aquino.  SCULPT uses extra heavy resistance bands with specialized cuffs attached. Based off the fundamentals of the Pilates Reformer, this class is designed to lengthen and strengthen with slow controlled movements.  It is recommended you have prior bootybarre experience (at least 10 barre classes) before participating in a SCULPT class. This will ensure you know the correct form and cues before working with the bands. Sticky socks are required for this class. 


A steady flow of yoga poses mixed with strength conditioning. this class is sure to heat up those muscles and connect the mind and body! All levels are welcome as modifications will be offered for beginners.  


This High Intensity Interval Training combined with Yoga is a workout that alternates between intense interval of cardio bursts such as burpees or high knees followed by a lower intensity yoga pose. Various modifications are given for the intervals which allow anyone from beginner to advanced to work at a level that is right for them. This intense workout increases your oxygen intake, therefore helping your body burn calories long after the workout is complete.


Vinyasa yoga, is a style of yoga in which movement is synchronized to the breath. This style is sometimes also called flow yoga, because of the smooth way that the poses run together and become like a dance. The breath acts as an anchor to the movement as you flow from one pose to the next in time with an inhale or an exhale. This class is great for all levels. Bring water and wear something comfortable. You will sweat but you should leave feeling stretched and relaxed.

YogaPilates blend
This class blends 30 minutes of moderate yoga flows with 30 minutes of traditional Mat Pilates. Definitely a class for ANY BODY as levels are offered for beginners to intermediate. Prepare to break a sweat and work that core to the max in this fun, easy to follow class led by Carrie Aquino.

Chair Yoga
This is the perfect class to focus on keeping the mature generation moving. Yoga poses with the help of a chair, will help increase strength and flexibility for any age or fitness level.

YogaMelt is a candlelit evening class that is set to 75 degrees. Its the perfect temperature to 'melt' deeper into poses aiding in increased flexibility. Several relaxation components of this class will also 'melt' away the many stresses of the day leaving you completely relaxed and rejuvenated promoting a great nights sleep.


This class features two distinct sections of yoga sequences all performed in a 85-90 degree room with 40% humidity. The first section, the standing series, focuses on balance and flexibility while honing concentration. The second section, the floor series, works core and back muscles and ends with gentle stretching and an end of class rejuvenating savasana. In this class, you will seek to strengthen and detoxify the body and mind! The class is open to all levels. Be sure to bring a towel and a bottle of water! (Will Return to our schedule in the fall)


This vinyasa style power class has everything you need to strengthen, stretch and detox your way to a soulful Sunday. Our room temperature will be set between 85-90 degrees so bring plenty of water, a sweat towel and some determination


The intense mat-based workout is for people of all ages and fitness levels-challenging students to flow from one exercise to the next while developing a solid core and lean, strong muscles in the process....Its like a dance on the mat" , says Cassey Ho, creator of POP Pilates.

"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to

start to be great"